On the Lighter Side: OMG! Since when did fashion become all about Wardrobe Malfunction?

I use to love watching the Oscars and the Emmy’s as much for the clothes the women wore as for the Awards themselves. Some were romantic, some were couture and some were totally out there. Cher never disappointed with outrageous, Diane Keaton has her style, and others might theatrically appear in a Bob Mackie gown. As a family, and later with girlfriends, we’d watch in awe of the costumes the actresses showed up in. We were never betting on whose boob would fall out -- rather we would be commenting on a new look or style.  We’d be inspired to emulate our version of their different styles for parties and events. Such fun back then! My question today is? What’s going on in the women’s fashion world of these award events? We have fashion police but no real fashion. Where are the inspiring designers? I know you are out there somewhere!!!

So I was delighted at a recent Art opening in my town when an inspiringly dressed woman walked into the event! I wanted to applaud her for being a fashion risk-taker who rocked her outfit with confidence among a sea of people all looking the same. She was my moment of "Aah!" --  a woman who probably has a wardrobe full of Oscar attire.

Hollywood gutsy gals - it’s bad enough you aren’t receiving jobs to win awards that you might likely deserve. And worse, you aren’t even nominated for awards when you get the job and deserve one. But you CAN say yes to an inspiring Award outfit! Give us something to dream about even if we don’t have the guts to wear it -- or, maybe we will!  You could be creating more jobs if you weren’t all looking the same. Actresses please get inspired to find new designers and YOUR style. Stop looking like each other. Don't know where to start? Perhaps we should find this woman I bet she could help.

oscar & Emmy 3.JPG