Recent GUTsy Gal Award Winners

Cathryn Michon


Gutsy Gal Film Award Winner

Through her romantic comedy Muffin Top: A Love Story, writer/director Michon fearlessly—and with humor—tackles an issue that Hollywood is afraid to touch: women and body image. For reminding us that we are OK just as we are, we are proud to present Cathryn Michon with the Gutsy Gal Film Award.

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Eva Hill

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Gutsy Gal Business Award Winner

For standing up for the integrity and quality of the businesses she oversees, and for making time to take an active role in community service despite running a multimillion dollar company, we are honored to present Eva Hill, President and CEO of Britannia Pacific Properties, with the Gutsy Gal Award in business.

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Dr. Jahnae Barnett

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Gutsy Gal Education Award Winner

When Dr. Jahnae Barnett took over its leadership, William Woods was a little known college in Missouri. Guided by her stewardship, WWU has evolved into a co-ed university serving over 3,600 students. We applaud you, Dr. Barnett, and are honored to present you with the Gutsy Gal Award in Education.

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The Gutsy Gal AwardS

Is there a fearless female in your business or organization worthy of a Gutsy Gal Award? Gutsy Gals Inspire Me® is accepting
nominations for the Gutsy Gal Award in Business, in Education, in Film & Entertainment, and in Charitable Work. Nominees must be women
who are innovators and show exemplary integrity and courage. Each nominee will receive a certificate stating that she has been nominated for the
award, and by whom. For more information on call-for-entries and the schedule of each award program, please contact us.

Opportunities for sponsorship and for corporate licensing are also available, as well as gifts and special products to give that
special women you know who inspires you!