"I believe in the word 'possibility.' With possibility ... can't becomes can. Complicated becomes simple. Challenge becomes opportunity. I believe in driving your destiny, realizing your dream, and if the rules don't work—challenge them."

Deborah Hutchison is a risk taker, problem solver, published author, filmmaker, speaker and out-of-the-box thinker. After selling her first business Rosen-Knutsen Casting to her partner, she began a journey that included becoming a member of the Directors Guild of America. She created Bill Your EX winning an award for “Best New Law-Related Product of Service” and Survival Tactics to Un-Break Your Heart.  Deborah is a published author of Put It in Writing: Creating Agreements between Families and Friends with Judge Lynn Toler of Divorce Court-TV… and no Deborah is not a lawyer, but did create A Sane Approach to an Emotional Issue® (Family & Friend Agreements).
Deborah founded Gutsy Gals Inspire Me® a company that specializes in content creation for highlighting positive female role models. Engaging audiences with stories that entertain and educate, she inspires possibility and determination to "drive one’s own destiny". Deborah completed her first animated short film The Improbable Journey of Berta Benz which has garnered film festival and gender equity Awards. In 2008 she gave the first Gutsy Gal Award to young girls from Girl’s Inc. and continues to honor females as positive role models.



Hall holds a BA in Archaeology from Cornell University, specializing in remote sensing. Hall brings more than 20 years of technology experience in companies ranging from film/TV productions to start-up film studios, world expos and museums. He worked with Mattel to create their first interactive laser disc, designed motion control equipment for Xenon, and developed the systems design for a real-time animation studio, Modern Cartoons. Hall has been an influential technology leader who brings a proven track record providing technology of the highest level reduced to the simplest form.

Currently, Hall has created virtual sets for TV broadcast, working with NBC, CNBC, DVD on TV, and in feature film, working recently on Speed Racer, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Alice In Wonderland, Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, and currently Oz: The Great and Wonderful.

Hall was a Board member for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

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Christina is the former CEO and Publisher of the New York-based Creative Black Book, a print and on-line source for top commercial photography, illustration, and design. In 2000-2001 she was involved in the merger of The Black Book with a publicly traded company. She has held leadership positions in several non-profit organizations, participated on boards of directors for profit and not-for-profit ventures, worked as a consultant on high-end print publications for artists and photographers, and is a writer and entrepreneur. Christina graduated with honors, cum laude, from Wellesley College