Deborah Hutchison & Yu Ling Cui

Deborah Hutchison & Yu Ling Cui


"I believe in the word 'possibility.' With possibility ... can't becomes can. Complicated becomes simple. Challenge becomes opportunity. I believe in driving your destiny, realizing your dream, and if the rules don't work—challenge them."

Hi, I’m Deborah A Hutchison a risk taker, problem solver, product creator, published author, filmmaker, speaker, award giver and gutsy gal. Clarity, honestly, kindness, possibility and a vision to drive one’s destiny are my mottos.

Women weren’t getting recognized for their accomplishments? 

I started the first Gutsy Gal Award to honor females who drive their destinies by being strong, overcoming obstacles, and believing in themselves. These honorees are as example for our future gutsy gals. It important that we honor and recognize courageous and forward-thinking women.

Who inspired me? 

Bertha Benz, an under rated woman in the automobile industry! During the process of filming my animated short film The Improbable Journey of Berta Benz I learned the importance of showcasing positive female role models by watching the reactions of my audience to the story about a gutsy woman from history. The film went on to win film festival awards and gender equity awards.

Then I asked myself, How many women today are gutsy gals?

The answer is…we all have the potential to be a gutsy gal, we just need to be recognized and thus began my quest in 2008 to give Gutsy Gal Awards.

But who am I?

A girl who had dreams and the desire to go after them. A woman who succeeded by driving her destiny over coming setbacks and barriers. A person who over came imperfections and continues to see possibility.

After working in the feature film world and selling my first business Rosen-Knutsen Casting to my partner, I began a journey that has included membership in the Directors Guild of America, an award winning animated short film, several non-emotion products, a published book and an awards program.

Today with Partner, Yu Ling Cui, we are creating The Gutsygal Culture Club. Our mission: bring together “gutsy gals” a community of women to laugh, learn and grow together. And yes, together we will continue to give out Gutsy Gal Awards.

Yu Ling Cui & Deborah Hutchison

Yu Ling Cui & Deborah Hutchison

Yu Ling Cui — Partner