10 REASONS TO Give a Gutsy Gal Award

  1. The Gutsy Gal Award is a cost–effective way to support and motivate women who are strong leaders and of significant value
    to their community and organization.

  2. All nominees, regardless of whether they are chosen as final winners, will receive a certificate of nomination. This is a wonderful way for
    an organization, a vendor, a community group, a department manager or a Board of Directors to say to an important woman — You Inspire Me!

  3. Deserving women from small groups or organizations have just as much chance of winning a Gutsy Gal Award as women from larger organizations.

  4. For each of the awards we give throughout the year – whether BUSINESS, EDUCATION, ENTERTAINMENT, or CHARITABLE WORK — there are many categories in which a nominee may become a winner.

  5. Nominees for the Gutsy Gal Award are reviewed by an ever-expanding prestigious group of peers in each category.

  6. Winners are recognized through social — Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter — and a video presentation of the award will be broadcast on
    the Internet and linked to our site.

  7. The awards are a great way to benchmark your achievements against competitors in your industry. Winners of past Gutsy Gal Awards
    have received significant media coverage for their achievements, which has benefited them and the cause or organization they represent.

  8. The Gutsy Gal Award Trophy and Certificate are beautifully designed and make an impressive statement.

  9. Gutsy Gal Award winners can get extra copies of their awards to share with employees, executives, and clients.

  10. There is nothing like the Gutsy Gal Award. While other awards recognize primarily financial achievements of women in business, the
    Gutsy Gal Award measures courage, risk-taking, persistence in the face of obstacles, strong personal character — in short: Gutsy-ness.

A business or organization that honors a strong female role model signals its support of women’s unique vision, values, and accomplishments, and benefits by attracting successful, talented women to their business, organization, or cause. Interested in licensing the Gutsy Gal Award for your own organization?

We have aided organizations in creating gala events to honor award recipients that offer the opportunity for significant sponsorship and
revenue generation through ticket sales. Those bestowing the award have benefited from the positive publicity and news-worthiness of honoring
a strong female leader in their community.


Give a Gutsy Gal Award

Is there a fearless female in your business or organization worthy of a Gutsy Gal Award? The Gutsygal Culture Club® is accepting
nominations for the Gutsy Gal Awards in Business, in Education, in Film & Entertainment, and in Charitable Work. Nominees must be women
who are innovators and show exemplary integrity and courage. Each nominee will receive a certificate stating that she has been nominated for the
award, and by whom. For more information on call-for-entries and the schedule of each award program, please contact us.

Opportunities for sponsorship and for corporate licensing are also available, as well as gifts and special products to give that
special women you know who inspires you!